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More Insight: Karen Anderson – Animal Communicator

German Shepherd Aging

In 2009 I came across Karen Anderson who was a guest on an internet radio program. Karen was taking calls and did readings on two dogs and one cat. The feedback from the owners was that Karen nailed all three animals. Karen provided these individuals some confirmation, suggestions, and comfort. I went to Karen’s website and looked around. I felt that she was honest and sincere in whom she was and the services she was providing and I bookmarked her site for future reference. The future had arrived.

I booked an appointment for Bruno through Karen’s website. The first available appointment that fit into my schedule was six days out. I received a confirmation email and was asked to email a recent photo and complete a questionnaire. The information requested was about name, breed, sex, and age. I also needed to include the questions I wanted to be answered during the session. First and foremost I wanted to know where Bruno’s pain level was at. I also wanted to know if he felt like the acupuncture was helpful. Lastly, I wanted some input about the end of life transition. Over the next six days, I talked to Bruno about our upcoming appointment with Karen. I told him that we were going to be chatting with a new friend and this was going to be good. I also let him know that Karen was going to ask him some questions and it was okay to talk to her and speak his truth.

German Shepherd Aging

The day of our appointment April 5, 2010, had arrived. I made phone contact with Karen and before we even got the session rolling Karen commented on how handsome my big boy was and that from the photo I had provided it was hard to believe he was 13 years of age. The session started with a prayer and a blessing around Bruno’s energy and ours for protection purposes. Karen opened the floor to Bruno and he was sending love, love, love, love, love. Karen stated that she was seeing the word love over and over but that Bruno was sending the feeling of love; an all-encompassing love, like a blanket being wrapped around you.

Bruno brought up things had been a bit rough over the past year. Karen stated that he was talking in general terms and about nothing specific. This was dead on as the past year had brought about a lot of changes and most of them out of my control.

Next Bruno described to Karen that he felt as though he had lost some ground but felt that he was holding steady and holding his own. Karen stated that she was being drawn to a couple of different areas. Bruno was talking to her about issues that were hip related or joint related in the bones and something abdominal. I confirmed that he bone issue was Degenerative Myelopathy and then explained the recent bout of diarrhea and expressed my concerns about the possibility of something going on digestively with him. Karen expressed that from what Bruno was sending her the problem was definitely in the abdomen and something digestive. Bruno’s description of what he was feeling was that “something is not right, something is off”. Bruno gave Karen the feeling that whatever was going on was not going be fixable and was going to be an ongoing thing. He made it very clear to Karen, “whatever may come, let that be my time. I do not want to extend my life.” Dignity—Dignity is very important to Bruno and he wants to maintain his dignity. He does not want his life extended to grand efforts. He wants to go out with his dignity intact.

Bruno brought up he feels bad that he is not able to be as active or energetic as he used to be. Karen stated that this is a real mental thing for him and asked me if I understood this. I told Karen that he was a working dog and had definitely slowed down. I asked Karen to tell Bruno that I was not as active as I used to be either a few years ago and to reassure him that I was happy with his lifestyle and energy level and that he should not feel bad about the aging process. Bruno gave Karen the word lethargic. When he said it, it almost seemed like a cuss word to him. Like it was the last thing in the world he wanted was to be lethargic. Some of this is mental but being lethargic to him is as low as low can go right along with no longer being able to get around on his own.

“I don’t want to stay here if I can’t be myself. This last year has brought about a lot of changes.” Karen described that he was making her feel as though his chapter was almost over and that he was very reflective, very reminiscent, very appreciative and in his *twilight time*. Bruno told Karen, “I have had excellent care and the very, very best life.” Tell mom, “even though my time may come I give her my heart forever.” Karen commented that when he said it, he said it stoically and proudly.

The next thing Bruno jumped to was something about a funny walk. Karen was having a hard time understanding this and asked me if there was someone that walked funny. The answer to that was yes, Bruno was walking funny. The Degenerative Myelopathy had slowly affected his walking ability and while I would not have described it as “a funny walk” it completely made sense.

Overall Karen felt as though he was doing pretty well. She felt that his pain level on a scale of one to ten was not above mid-way (This came as a shock to me as I did not expect it to be that high) and that he was managing his pain and that the herbs and supplements were helping. Karen then stated that she was getting an acupuncture reference and asked if we were doing that. I confirmed that we were and Karen stated that it was having a very good impact on him and helping things tremendously. I asked Karen to ask Bruno if there were any areas he wanted to be treated with the acupuncture or if Dr. Yamate was on track. Bruno’s reply was to take care of the abdominal issue.

Bruno moved on to teasing about the garbage or trash and Karen asked if I understood that. She said he was bringing it up in a fun sort of way. The first thing I could think of was that we took out the trash every day at the beginning of our walk. After thinking about this later I realized that he was referencing himself. After his arrival to the household, all garbage containers required durable lids. I use to call him “garbage gut” because if he could find a way to get into the household garbage he would root around looking for selective items and he never outgrew this. I now believe he was lightening things up a bit by telling on himself and letting me know that he knew it irked the hell out of me.

Next Bruno brought up the subject of a loud obnoxious dog or dogs. Karen said that she was not sure if they were close, nearby or something we encountered on our walks. My first instinct was that the loud obnoxious dog was Bruno. He enjoys rolling around on the floor and being very vocal. Lately, he had been doing this at inappropriate times seeking out attention. The following day on our routine walk I realized what Bruno was referring to. We usually walked past a yard that had a medium sized dog that would bark, growl, and lunge at the fence as we passed. Bruno and I both ignored this fear based behavior but I found it interesting that he had brought it up.

One of the last questions I had was about exercise. I had cut down the distance of our walks and wondered if it was still too much. Karen confirmed to continue our walks and that the amount of activity Bruno was getting on a daily basis was spot on.

Our session was ending and it had flown by quickly. Karen wrapped things up by suggesting that I verbally talk to Bruno out loud about what I wanted or needed from him and form to pictures in my mind because he would be able to pick up on the pictures. Karen also told me that it was important for me to keep a positive outlook on Bruno’s physical condition and to not allow a worried or stressful thought to creep into my mind when I thought about him. My thoughts and energy about Bruno needed to positive. Karen was right with this assessment because a lot of my energy was being consumed with concern, fear, worry, and the “what if” factor.

I found the session with Karen to be both comforting and informational. Acupuncture, diet, herbs, and exercise were on track. I was surprised by his pain level but not surprised that he was managing it and hiding it from me. It was helpful to know there was an abdominal issue so I could figure out the next course of action to try and fix the big guy’s tummy woes.

In closing; I had some people who did not think it was in my best interest to post about turning to the unconventional help of a pet psychic. I took this advice into consideration but quickly came to the conclusion that if people read this post and think I am a total nut job for utilizing Karen and her skills, I can live with that. These are also going to be the same people who are not going to be open to alternative medicine and the journey Bruno and I have been on the past couple of years. So be it!

*Twilight Time* – A phrase coined by Karen Anderson. When an animal is in their senior years and not quite ready to move on but feeling the effects of their age.

*Originally posted December 7, 2010*

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