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Tuesday Morning Welfare Check

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Tuesday morning, September 14, 2010, my girl Shawn checked in with me to see how Bruno and I were doing since our Raindrop Session on Sunday.

I admitted, on Monday I had a bit of a sore throat and a twinge of a headache.

Shawn confessed that she and Gayleen had also physically felt the effects from Sunday’s session and confirmed that Bruno’s session had been very, very intense for all involved.

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Shawn commented that after Sunday’s session she realized the physical pain issues that I have been battling are on the same side as Bruno’s.

Bruno and I are so connected that we are transferring pain between us. (This was not the first time this theory had been brought up to me.)

Shawn suggested that when the time came for me to let Bruno go, hopefully, my own pain issues would resolve.

I told Shawn about my decision to stop all treatments and supplements and the second dose of pain medication had been administered earlier that morning after breakfast.

I described how I had come home Monday evening with pain medication and feeling defeated only to find Bruno in rare form. He had briefly returned to his old mischievous, demanding self while I was transformed into a complete mess.

Shawn’s take on Monday’s events was that Bruno was trying to help me through the pain of letting him go, that he is okay with what is next to come and that I will be okay without him.

Tuesday turned out to be a better day than Monday, but not by much.

*Originally posted June 4, 2011*

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